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Medlemmer av forfatterforeningen i Kina på besøk til Bergen og IF


Literature communication one meaningful conversation between different cultures

On 26th April, China Writers Association delegation composed of six members visited Norway invited by Confucius Institute in Bergen, they came to University of Bergen and had an open-ended talk with the Norwegian students from Chinese Program, Foreign Language Department, as well as visited Literature House to communicate with Norway writers.

At the very beginning of the meeting, China Writers Association delegation briefly introduced the overall situation about contemporary Chinese literature development and the challenges to be facing in the era of cyber.

The Norwegian students showed great interest in Chinese literature subjects and the taboos in literature creation in China, China writers frankly and sincerely responded the students questions

One-hour communication between the China writers and Norwegian college students seemed too short ,as one of the students ,Tor Stian Holte ,who went to China in 1972,,said that he is very interested in China and Chinese literature , his purpose to learn Chinese is not only for preparing to go to China again but for being able to read Chinese literary works in order to learn and understand China more.

After China writers left UiB, they went to Literature House to communicate with Norway writers,such as Well-known writers Inga Moen Danielsen, Teresa Grøtan, Åshild Kanstad Johnsen, Heidi Bøhagen, Ben, Yilei, Eira Søyseth and documentary director Lars Petter Gallefoss.

China writers and Norway writers talked about literary creation concepts, promotion forms of international literature , etc. In the end, Zhang Tao, the general director of the International Liaison Department, sincerely invited Norway writers to visit China. Rune Ingebrigtsen, the Director of CIB, also emphasized CIB would be more concerned about Sino-Norway communication in literature field. He remarked this literary communication between different cultures was meaningful


               Written by YIN Yang, LI Hao Pictures by LI Hao




Kinesisk nyttår, kinesisk kalligrafi, kinesisk TV-program og kinesisk nyttårsmat.

                         Framvisning av de skrifttegn studentene produserte.

Det kinesiske prosjektet «Grisens år 2019» ble feiret sammen av to kinesisk-klasser (Kin101og 201/251) for første gang på den kinesisk-kultur-salongen 8. februar. Under instruksjonen til Yin laoshi tok over tjue elever frem skrivesaker, og prøvde å skrive hanzi: chun (vår) og fu (velsignelse), som er de mest brukte kinesiske tegnene gjennom tidene når det gjelder nyttårsfeiring.

For å forstå kinesisk nyttårsfeiringskultur bedre, har elevene personlig prøvd ut de tre mest typiske «nyttårsaften-tradisjonene»: se på chunwan (CCTVs nyttårsfeirings gala), smake snacks fra Beijing og lage dumplings.

Dette semesteret, som en respons på tilbakemeldinger fra studenter, er det tilrettelagt for at kinesiske språkstudenter kan få oppleve kinesisk kultur på to kurs hver uke: Yin Laoshis kinesiske kalligrafi-klasse og Jingjings kinesiske-kultur-salong.

Shouhui ZHAO

                                            Snacks fra Beijing

Shouhui Zhao og Jingjing Li på symposium ved Universitetet i Peking

                              Jingjing finished her outline deference


Dr. Shouhui Zhao and Ms Jingjing Li attended the 9th Annual Symposium for PhD Candidates in Foreign Studies held at the Peking University from 1-2 Dec. 2018. Approximately 100 researchers attended the Symposium; half of them were PhD students and their supervisors. Jingjing presented her thesis outline (Title: A Discourse Analysis of China’s Image in the Reports of Norwegian Mainstream Media (2008-2018)) and it was successfully defended and verified at the Symposium. Shouhui was invited by the Symposium to evaluate and provide face-to-face comments on six doctorate thesis outlines. During their stay in Beijing, Shouhui was also invited to give a number of seminar talks with a general theme revolving around epistemological origins and multiple dimensional perspectives of critical approaches towards language standards and standardization studies at the Renmin University of China, Beijing Language University, and Research Institute of Applied Linguistics with the Ministry of Education. Former UiB student in Chinese Program, Bjørn Blix, who is close to finishing his Master’s study in Chinese philosophy at Renmin also attended Shouhui’s Renmin seminar, along with well over 20 researchers and postgraduate students.

                                           Shouhui at the Symposium




Kinaekspert-konkurranse og avskjed med Li Long

                    En deltager mottar diplom fra styrer Åse Johnsen


An unforgettable afternoon of happiness and emotion for Chinese studies students

The afternoon of 16th November is an unforgettable moment fraught with both happiness and emotion for 20 Chinese program students, both from the 2017 and 2018 grade classes.

It was a happy moment because the 1st UiB China Expert Competition was held and 20 students came to take up the challenge of answering 80 questions in multimodality format, displayed in written, graphic and video forms. Within 45 minutes, all competitors managed to finish all tasks and all were awarded with a participation certificate and a sweet award by Dr. Åse Johnsen, the head of the Department (as shown in the pictures).

It was an emotional moment as it was time to sing ‘auld lang syne’ to the Star Teacher, Li Long, who had completed her full two years’ duty at UiB. After the competition, a brief farewell was arranged. For all students, it was a moving and tough moment when they had to say good bye to their beloved Long laoshi. For them, these two years were characterized by a rewarding learning experience full of laughter and fun.

Some students who did not take part in the Competition also came to join the group in bidding farewell to Long laoshi, in Chinese, English and Norwegian:
Zaijian, Long laoshi, You are such a great teacher! You have means to motivate the least motivated learner. Your devotion and passion to teaching, and your love and keen interest for every girl and boy will be always cherished

Shouhui ZHAO

                   Li Long på kinesiskfaget takker av etter 2 år ved IF


Gjesteforeleser og veileder for Ph.D.-kandidat Yang Yang, FENG Xuefeng, besøkte IF i april og mai.

Fra en av forelesningene


Guest Lecture and Seminar by Prof. Feng from Wuhan University, China

Funded by Chinese Ministry of Education and accompanied by YANG Yang, former guest researcher at IF, Prof. FENG Xuefeng from Wu han University visited IF from 17th April to 14th May. The main purpose of Prof. Feng’s visit was to complete joint supervision of Yang’s PhD project.

UiB Chinese students were lucky to have a guest lecture (pic-1) given by Prof. Feng, the winner of President’s Award for Excellent Teaching of Wuhan University and the top winner of the Ten Most Popular Teachers in China, voted by audiences of an Chinese TV program entitled “An Awesome Teacher”. The guest lecturer her given (Title: Those Newly Emerging Cute Punctuations in Chinese Online Communication) was so well received that the ensuing dialogue over Wechat (Chinese twitter) between students and Prof. Feng lasted very late in evening on the day. Prof Feng said it was terrific to ‘harvest’such a big number of Norwegian fans (pic-2).

Prof. Feng also gave a seminar talk for local Chinese teachers on 4th May and the seminar title was ‘What Does the ‘New Great Four Inventions’ Bring to Today’s Chinese Language Practice’ . The seminar attracted teachers from Bergen Confucius Institute and local schools (Pic-3). Prof. Feng’s argument that, due to the technological advancement and increasing popularization of palmtop electronic device such as smart phone, Chinese language has been under transformed into a ‘New Version of Chinese’ triggered a heated discussion among participants. Apart from his academic activities in Bergen, Prof. Feng also conducted another two seminars at invitation by Confucius Institutes at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in Germany on 8th May and Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem in Hungary on 11th May. (Prepared by Shouhui ZHAO)


Professor FENG Xuefeng holder forelesning

Kjerneelementer i fremmedspråk – Innlegg ved Åsta Haukås

Åsta Haukås er med i en arbeidsgruppe nedsatt av Utdanningsdirektoratet for å utvikle hvilke kjerneelementer som skal være med i læreplanen for fremmedspråk.

Se innlegg hun har om dette på Utdanningsdirektoratet sine nettsider.


Professor Åsta Haukås forteller om kjerneelementene i fremmedspråk

Kinesisk nyttårsfeiring ved IF 15. februar

Fra nyttårsfeiringen

According to Chinese lunar calendar, 2018 is the Year of Dog and the New Year falls on Feb 16th, which was the first day of the Spring Festival, and the New Year’s Eve (Feb 15th) is considered to be the most treasurable time for family reunion. To enable Chinese learners to have a taste of authentic Chinese culture, Dr. Long Li prepared over 70 Chinese dumplings plus Niangao Kake (symbolically meaning «to get higher in the forthcoming year») at home and brought them to the classes on New Year’s Eve. Students also learned to do paper cutting with Dr Long in morning and afternoon classes.  When Dr Long finished the evening online course at 19.00, she missed out on the grand celebrations and instant interactions from her family members and friends in China. In spite of that, she said that this was such a busy yet enjoyable and rewarding Chinese New Year’s Eve that she will never forget in life.

In other classes, students also learned a lot about the increasingly globalized Chinese traditional celebrations and everyone got a Hongbao (Red Packet) from teachers. At Jingjing’s Friday class, the class watched the TV Spring Festival Gala (a must for the New Year Eve) while enjoyed Chinese traditional foods Jingjing prepared at home. (p3: The students mimed China’s Youth Culture-Thumbs-up, which has taken Weibo (China’s Twitter) by storm). In another development, some Italian colleagues and Yangyang’s study fellows also attended another Chinese New Year celebration cum Yang Yang’s farewell party on 15th at the third floor meeting room (p4 and p5

Shouhui Zhao



Flere fra den vitenskapelige staben ved IF deltok i feiringen



Shouhui Zhao: forsker med travel sommer

Shouhui Zhao ved Southampton University



Sommeren 2017 var en meget travel tid for Shouhui Zhao ved kinesiskfaget, som deltok ved en rekke konferanser og seminarer. Shouhui holdt først en forelesning med tittel  “Chinese Character as a Culture Phenomenon: Paradox in Chinese Character Education in Singapore Primary Schools”, ved The International Symposium of Language Communication and Civilization Dialogue, som ble holdt ved Oxford Universitet fra 28. til 29. Juni.

Umiddelbart etter reiste han til Southampton universitet for å lede den siste del av The 15th International Conference on Teaching and Learning  Chinese in Higher Education, som var organisert av The British Chinese Language Teaching Society. Konferansens tema var Teaching and Learning Chinese in Global Context: from Language Policy to Classroom Practice og Shouhuis presentasjon handlet om å forholde seg til lingvistiske tilnærminger i undervisning i kinesisk som andrespråk: mot en modell ut fra et språksosiologisk perspektiv.

Tilbake i China holdt han et innlegg ved seminaret Personal Experience from Classroom to Project to Publication: Language Education and Policy as a Case ved Changsha polytekniske universitet, 13. juli. Fra 16. til 20. juli var han invitert som en av 6 internasjonale «keynote speakers” ved det andre  treningsseminaret  for kinesiske forskere om internasjonale publikasjoner, som ble holdt ved Huaqiao (Overseas Chinese) University i Quanzhou. Seminaret samlet 200 entusiastiske universitetslærere fra hele China.


Paneldeltagere ved Changsa Polytechnic University

Miniseminar om Øst-asiatiske studier


I forbindelse med arbeidet med det nye BA-programmet i Øst-asiatiske studier arrangerte IF et miniseminar på fredag med gjester fra kinesisk- og japanskfaget fra IKOS ved UiO.



Li Long – gjesteforsker på kinesiskfaget


Dr. Li Long is a guest researcher of Chinese program at the Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen. In 2009, she earned her PhD in Pedagogy from Southwest University in China, with a thesis titled The Research on the Relationship of Primary School and Local Community inTibetan Area. In 2008, she was a visiting scholar at the Culture Institute of South Pacific Island of Taitung University in Taiwan.

From 2009 to 2010, she worked as a lecturer in the School of International Education at Chongqing University in China. Her students came from more than 40 countries and areas. From 2010 to 2016, she first worked in the Pisa Confucius Institute in Italy and then as an associate professor in the School of International Education at Chongqing University. She taught Chinese to international students and specialized course to bachelor candidates and master candidates whosemajor is teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. Her publications and programs focus on the cross culture education. Now, herresearch interests are Chinese language pedagogy and higher education inNorway. Her office is in HF 315B. Welcome.

Li Long


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