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Research Relay 17.11

Friday afternoon, the Department gathered for a short research relay: three presenters, 10 minutes each.

First out was Marco Gargiulo, from who presented the contents of an article he had written about mulitlingualism and Urban Space in Italian cinema.

Jerzy Nykiel from English Linguistics covered the second division with a presentation about the grammaticalization of the English adverbial subordinator in order that. 

The anchorman of the relay was Craig Grocott from the Language Testing and Assessment group, who gave a talk on how to ensure quality in the national tests of English, with a an emphasis on reading tasks and difficulties.

Along with the intellectual stimulation, the attendees were also given the chance to indulge themselves with pastry and chocolate.

Siril Eldevik Fosse, vikar på italiensk

Siril Eldevik Fosse er vikar for Camilla Erichsen Skalle på italiensk litteratur.









Siril fullførte mastergraden i italiensk litteratur ved UiB i 2010. Siden har hun vært innom instituttet litt nå og da, og i 2011 hadde hun en forelesningsrekke om italiensk historie og kultur på europastudier.  Nå skal hun undervise italienskstudentene på emnet ITAL112 – italiensk litteratur.