Nazuki Kobayashi presenterte sitt dr.gradsprosjekt ved MultiLing ved UiO

“Do you think Norwegians are less polite than the Japanese? A case of making requests”

With above as the presentation title, the PhD candidate in Japanese language, Nazuki Kobayashi, presented a part of her doctoral research at the Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan (MultiLing), the University of Oslo, on 6. June.

Kobayashi investigates how Norwegian students of Japanese at the University of Bergen make requests in diverse situations in their first language compared with Japanese students, and in their target language before and after studying one-year in Japan. She also looks at similarities and differences in the perception of request situations in terms of three variables, the power difference between the speaker and the hearer, the social distance between them, and the imposition of request.

Kobayashi is grateful for the opportunity to present her research and receive valuable feedback at MultiLing´s Wednesday Seminar, organized by a postdoctoral fellow, Olga Solovova. She also appreciated that one of her supervisors, professor Jan Svennevig, joined the presentation via Skype.

However, Kobayashi´s main purpose to visit the University of Oslo was to receive help from a postdoctoral fellow, Pernille Hansen, for the use of statistics in her research. The outcome was above expectations. Not because Pernille speaks Kobayashi´s favourite dialect in Norway, but because she is so competent in statistics and excellent to explain to someone with limited knowledge in statistics. Kobayashi also liked Pernille´s style of “Let´s draw and discuss!” She is very good at visualizing statistical results and she does it in a different way very quickly. Kobayashi feels very fortunate to receive help from Pernille.

Nazuki at UiO