Ny bok Lene Johannessen og Mark Ledbetter (red.)



Edited by Lene Johannessen and Mark Ledbetter – Contributions by Julie Adams; Susan G. Cumings; Asbjørn Grønstad; Jena Habegger-Conti; Lene Johannessen; Anne Karhio; Mark Ledbetter; John McLeod; Scott Rettberg; Laura Saetveit Miles; Erik Tonning and Øyvind Vågnes


Emerging Aesthetic Imaginaries considers aesthetic imaginaries as they constitute and are constituted by and in our shared realities. With contributions from twelve scholars working in the fields of literary studies, visual studies, anthropology, cultural studies, and digital culture, this book takes a multidisciplinary approach to “aesthetic imaginaries,” which tests the conceptual potential from an array of perspectives and methodologies. It probes into the continuous creation and re-creation of figures for the future that invariably nod to their pasts, whether with a spirit of respect, disgust, hope, or play.

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