Shouhui Zhao og Jingjing Li på symposium ved Universitetet i Peking

                              Jingjing finished her outline deference


Dr. Shouhui Zhao and Ms Jingjing Li attended the 9th Annual Symposium for PhD Candidates in Foreign Studies held at the Peking University from 1-2 Dec. 2018. Approximately 100 researchers attended the Symposium; half of them were PhD students and their supervisors. Jingjing presented her thesis outline (Title: A Discourse Analysis of China’s Image in the Reports of Norwegian Mainstream Media (2008-2018)) and it was successfully defended and verified at the Symposium. Shouhui was invited by the Symposium to evaluate and provide face-to-face comments on six doctorate thesis outlines. During their stay in Beijing, Shouhui was also invited to give a number of seminar talks with a general theme revolving around epistemological origins and multiple dimensional perspectives of critical approaches towards language standards and standardization studies at the Renmin University of China, Beijing Language University, and Research Institute of Applied Linguistics with the Ministry of Education. Former UiB student in Chinese Program, Bjørn Blix, who is close to finishing his Master’s study in Chinese philosophy at Renmin also attended Shouhui’s Renmin seminar, along with well over 20 researchers and postgraduate students.

                                           Shouhui at the Symposium