Gjesteforeleser og veileder for Ph.D.-kandidat Yang Yang, FENG Xuefeng, besøkte IF i april og mai.

Fra en av forelesningene


Guest Lecture and Seminar by Prof. Feng from Wuhan University, China

Funded by Chinese Ministry of Education and accompanied by YANG Yang, former guest researcher at IF, Prof. FENG Xuefeng from Wu han University visited IF from 17th April to 14th May. The main purpose of Prof. Feng’s visit was to complete joint supervision of Yang’s PhD project.

UiB Chinese students were lucky to have a guest lecture (pic-1) given by Prof. Feng, the winner of President’s Award for Excellent Teaching of Wuhan University and the top winner of the Ten Most Popular Teachers in China, voted by audiences of an Chinese TV program entitled “An Awesome Teacher”. The guest lecturer her given (Title: Those Newly Emerging Cute Punctuations in Chinese Online Communication) was so well received that the ensuing dialogue over Wechat (Chinese twitter) between students and Prof. Feng lasted very late in evening on the day. Prof Feng said it was terrific to ‘harvest’such a big number of Norwegian fans (pic-2).

Prof. Feng also gave a seminar talk for local Chinese teachers on 4th May and the seminar title was ‘What Does the ‘New Great Four Inventions’ Bring to Today’s Chinese Language Practice’ . The seminar attracted teachers from Bergen Confucius Institute and local schools (Pic-3). Prof. Feng’s argument that, due to the technological advancement and increasing popularization of palmtop electronic device such as smart phone, Chinese language has been under transformed into a ‘New Version of Chinese’ triggered a heated discussion among participants. Apart from his academic activities in Bergen, Prof. Feng also conducted another two seminars at invitation by Confucius Institutes at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in Germany on 8th May and Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem in Hungary on 11th May. (Prepared by Shouhui ZHAO)


Professor FENG Xuefeng holder forelesning