Ny bok fra LINGCLIM-prosjektet



LINGCLIM-prosjektet har publisert bok på Routledge:  THE ROLE OF LANGUAGE IN THE CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE



Redaktør er Kjersti Fløttum, andre bidragsytere fra IF er Øyvind Gjerstad og Oleksandr Kapranov.

Forlaget presenterer boken slik:

«This volume takes a distinctive look at the climate change debate, already widely studied across a number of disciplines, by exploring the myriad linguistic and discursive perspectives and approaches at play in the climate change debate as represented in a variety of genres. The book focuses on key linguistic themes, including linguistic polyphony, lexical choices, metaphors, narration, and framing, and uses examples from diverse forms of media, including scientific documents, policy reports, op-eds, and blogs, to shed light on how information and knowledge on climate change can be represented, disseminated, and interpreted and in turn, how they can inform further discussion and debate. Featuring contributions from a global team of researchers and drawing on a broad array of linguistic approaches, this collection offers an extensive overview of the role of language in the climate change debate for graduate students, researchers, and scholars in applied linguistics, environmental communication, discourse analysis, political science, climatology, and media studies.”


Hilsen Kjersti Fløttum